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Legendary Jason Wall's Fundraising sky dive

13 May 2022


The Mariners would like to thank Jason for his dedication to the Mariners by stepping up and out of a plane to raise money for the club. He has raised over €550 and counting and we couldn't be more grateful!

The day in his own words:

Hi, my name is Jason Wall. I play for the Mariners B team, and have been playing since 2019.

The reason why I did the charity skydive was to raise funds for the club because ever since my first day to now, I've been welcomed with open arms in a club with lots of characters and great people.

The skydive was set up last year, with a year and a quarter having been cancelled due to weather and covid, so you'd be pumped up for it to happen and then crash down when it was cancelled. On the day I had a case of the butterflies whilst I was waiting around, the anticipation I guess. When i got suited and booted I was calm and just having general chats to the other people who were to jump with me.

When we were in the plane I was taking in all the beautiful scenery of the countryside of Kilkenny, it was a nice little plane flight up to 10,000ft or 3km. When we did our final strap checks and tightening of them, and the 2 minute call, the nerves kicked in. Haha, I saw the first person scoot over to the door, and in a blink of an eye just disappeared, the next person went and I was like ahhh here we go! Flying high above the clouds and the wind rushing passed the feet as I dangled out the door. Then all of a sudden, I'm rotated looking back up at the plane then back around looking at the ground and falling through some clouds.

The first part is like coming down a very steep rollercoaster with butterflies in your mouth, as the wind rushes violently passed you, and you fall back to earth at 200kph. Then the parachute opens and everything goes from so noisy to sooo peaceful and calm. The absolute amazing views you get as you are floating back down is an experience in itself. At this point I felt so at ease.

The final part was the landing, lol I was looking at people landing all day, you swoop in, and comes in somewhat fast, then at the last few feet slows to a hover, was pretty fun.

After the skydive, jakers I felt so alive, awake , buzzing, adrenaline pumping, floating across the ground.

All in all, it was a great experience, the staff are very welcoming, and accommodating. The experience is one in a life time. An event and moment I wont forget. A good event for a good cause, for a great community.

Let's get it. 💪🏼⚾️Ⓜ️

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