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Mariners A Vs Spartans A

Ben Sullivan

14 May 2022

Game 7 for the Mariners A

Game 7 for the Mariners A’s saw them face the only team that has defeated them so far this season…the Spartans. The Mariners were at home in Shankill, the weather was playing ball and everyone was looking forward to a great game.

It started with the Mariners getting off to a very quick start. Two, three and another two respectively to put 7-runs on the board after 3 innings. With the defensive form that the Mariners have had this year, just 22-runs against them so far, they knew that it would be difficult for the Spartans to come back. They just had to stay calm, breath and let the machine go to work.

A very strong performance on the mound from Leo Farrell kept the distance between the teams. The Spartans would tack on 3-runs but wouldn’t be able to reach the total set for them. Towards the end, when maybe they though they could get some momentum together for a tiring pitcher, Daniel Wooburne came in and halted anything they thought they had. With the control and weaponry that he possesses and combined with coming in to close, it is very disheartening for any team to know that you don’t have the innings to try and figure out what is coming next.

The team dovetailed well with the bat. However, there was one standout performance and that was from James Kelly Jr. Definitely MVP. A 100% OBP, multi hit game on 5 at-bats. That included a Double and also touching home plate twice for 2 of the 7 runs. As I have said before, he just doesn’t know what the term ‘pressure’ means. Amazing performance.

Next game for the Mariners is same bat-time, same bat-place against the same opponents on May 29th.

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